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Master - Master 2 Maritime Engineering : transport systems and offshore energies


 Driven by the constant growth of world maritime transport and undersea operations, and challenged by the demand for sustainable solutions,the maritime industry is a strategic sector that develops high technology and innovative products. Players in this sector need both strong technical competence and a global vision of the operations and businesses of the maritime world. The training offered by the Master "Maritime Engineering: transport systems and offshore energies" develops the knowledge and project management tools essential for a career in companies involved in maritime activities, whether engineering companies, oil companies, consulting or classification offices, or R&D departments.


The strong points of the training programme :   
  • Gain of advanced knowledge in fundamental theoretical and technical disciplines such as naval hydrodynamics and structure modelling in maritime engineering  
  • A training funded on a systemic approach where a marine structure is studied as a complex system composed of sub-systems and interfaces to be optimized. 
  • Global view of the multiple and interlacing aspects that characterize the maritime sector, from design tools to maritime politics and economics, as well as cost and profitability assessment aspects. 
  • Professional support: most part of the teaching is provided by people  who work in the maritime industry.  

The students can specialize in Maritime Transport systems. This specialization provides advanced operational knowledge in naval propulsion plants and power generation systems, as well as competence in naval systems safety and international regulations. 

Offshore energy engineering. This specialization provides advances technical skills for the exploitation of marine energy resources, from oil resources to marine renewable energies, as well as a global view of the economical and political framework of the evolutions of the marine energy sector.


compétences acquises

The Master programme in Maritime Engineering provides the skills for the concept, design and management of complex marine engineering systems of virtually any type (high-speed vessels, submarines, aircraft-carriers, LNG tankers, offshore platforms, marine energy devices,...), as well as the competence needed for the exploitation of marine energy resources.




On completion of the training programme students will have career opportunities in a large variety of maritime businesses: shipbuilding, naval architecture, shipping, offshore petroleum industry, marine renewable energies. Graduate students will be eligible for jobs in diversified activities of the maritime sector: engineering companies, oil companies, ship-owners, shipyards, R&D departments, ship design offices, consulting companies, classification companies, marketing offices.


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