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This course is aimed at Intermediate level Students in English (B1/B2) who already have some business or professional experience, or who are interested in learning about the business world. It provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of company organization, developing interpersonal and communication skills in a professional context. Il also strengthens conversation skills, developing a global approach to become a citizen of the world through the study of different cultures and attitudes. 

This program will give students the skills and experience needed to succeed in the world of international business. They will be able to collaborate and communicate with business partners across the globe and will gain vital experience in studying and working in a different culture.  

Objectifs pédagogiques

By the end of both semesters, you will have:

  • acquired more advanced communicative skills (speaking and listening) with a particular emphasis on the spoken language.
  • Improved your intercultural understanding through verbal communication, sharing experiences + stereotypes and mannerisms.
  • organized, led and participated successfully in a meeting
  • reached a win-win negotiation 
  • considered work methods in multicultural companies.
  • defined, described and analysed business successfully: SWOT analysis. 

27 heures en présentiel (9 blocs ou créneaux)

effectifs minimal / maximal:


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Programme détaillé

Skills focus

This course emphasizes the fundamental skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking and presenting.  

  • You’ll learn how to talk about more abstract concepts related to the world of work and express opinions in a well-thought-out and coherent way 
  • Recognize and distinguish conceptual differences and express them with precision 
  • Develop confidence in dealing with people and issues related to the international business world


2nd semester:

  • a presentation in pairs: for or against discussion of an innovative idea and a written assessment
  • pair or group class activities. 

Mots clés

Culture, communication, meeting, negotiation, international business, multiculturalism

Méthodes pédagogiques

Watching TED talks, Reading and watching business news, from recent newspaper articles in class.
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