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Culture - HSS_30138_TA : Introduction to theatre of the absurd

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Theatre of the Absurd was an important cultural feature of the second half of the 20th century. It’s tempting to dismiss the Absurd as synonymous with ridiculous or nonsense. But what is behind the term? Why did this type of theatre come into being and thrive? What societal changes was it responding to?  

We shall attempt to answer these questions, by interacting with major texts of this movement. Often criticised as being male-dominated, we shall also move beyond and expand our reading by incorporating texts written by women playwrights. 

Finally, given that a number of writers of the Absurd are French, we shall examine the importance of translation in the absurd. And how translation can bring us closer to understanding theatre and, consequently, our times. 

Objectifs pédagogiques


Learn the history of the Theatre of Absurde 

Read and discover key works and playwrights 

Understand how the Absurd functions 



Write and perform an Absurd text 

Perform acting and theatre exercises  

21 heures en présentiel (7 blocs ou créneaux)

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Programme détaillé

Structure of classes 

Classes 1-5 will begin with theatre activities. We will then look at the theory and history of the Absurd. Finally, we will look at specific texts and read/act them out.  

Class 5: You will be given your written assignment task. 

Class 6 will be devoted to acting 

Class 7 will be presentation of final performances and feedback. 

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